Creative Cram is a logo design agency in Lagos. While we acknowledge that brands are about more than logo design, we remain impressed by their power of persuasion, and longevity. In these brand-obsessed times, we’re continuously confronted by logos. From an AdWord to an ad page. And from an ad page to an App, they’re everywhere. They can be characterful or characterless. And colourful or colourless.

Creative Cram applies creative industry to logo design

At Creative Cram’s Lagos-based design facility our logo designers build prototypes, and test them rigorously. Our senior design team stylise and simplify objects to create unique graphics and pictorial marks. We use the symbolic and the abstract to embody our big ideas. And we manipulate letters into eye-catching forms that communicate a specific message. We also produce brand assets and guidelines to allow flexibility of design. We consider how our logo designs can be used independently, while remaining part of the extended family. By taking an integrated approach to logo design and visual identity, we build-in scope for brand strategies to be applied across all channels and tactical communications.

As we’ve established, good logo design is a powerful visual shortcut. A logo is a small, but potent, piece of commercial real estate. Logo design agencies like Creative Cram are able to arrange letters, words, graphics and typefaces in a way that symbolises the essence of an organisation. Adding colour and texture to the brand vocabulary in a way that says ’talk to me, I’m friendly’ or ‘dig deep, if you want to go steady’. Like a hallmark, Logo design alludes to the quality of a company’s products, goods and services. Distinguishing it from inferior commercial rivals. The best logo designs act as a self-sustaining vehicle for PR. Gathering pace, column inches and press coverage. They make connections. They add prestige. Logo design has a long and distinguished history. Let’s be part of that history, together.

Logo design services:

  • Logo concept design
  • Brand development
  • Graphics & symbols
  • Typography & color
  • Application testing
  • Visual guidelines
  • Launch planning
  • Implementation

Is logo design on your agenda?

Our fascination with logo design remains a healthy interest, Objective and constructive. While we’ve been making the case for logo design, we hope to have made the case for Creative Cram. If you would like to know more about our logo design services, drop us a line…. Here